The Hand-Held Project: Building Trust


  •  Positively impact communities through providing a tactile, creative outlet
  •  Build trust and connection in our communities
  •  Encourage people of all backgrounds to use their hands to make a positive impact
  •  Inspire youth to pursue their passion through creativity and vocation


  • Foster a better sense of security in schools by bringing together law enforcement and students through creativity to build trust
  • Create a living memory of the community through casting the hands of citizens and law enforcement
  • Unify neighborhoods and develop positive relationships by easing tension between cultures, civilians and police through creative acts

  DATE / LOCATION: Chicago, IL 2017

  MAY 2017 @ Pullman Elementary School , AUGUST 2017 @ 005TH District Chicago Precinct


  The photos below say it all. By embracing the unknown and a stranger's hand, young citizens and police "just   went for it" when it came to making molds and casting their hands in plaster. The bonds that were formed       during these few short hours of art-making will last a lifetime. Special thanks to Cheryl Briscoe, Mary Ferazza,     Regina Hightower, Pullman Arts, Pullman Elementary School, and the Officers of the 005th CAPS District for       having the courage to create and capture unforgettable moments. 




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