Project Title: Skyspace

Site LocationOlympic College CIC  Bremerton, WA

Date: August 2017

Architect: Schacht Aslani Architects     


As the largest community college construction project in Washington State, along with being a space dedicated to learning and experiencing arts and sciences, I was delighted to assist. The core of the space is a performing arts and lecture hall, along with a wide range of workshops and classroom spaces. As a glass artist and teacher, I got very excited when I saw the elevations and plans for a kiln studio!

Let's get to work...

4200 square feet of sheetrock panels were hand-troweled in a natural marble plaster. Within each panel, is a recessed light channel to give a WOW! factor at night. After the panels were completed, a tinted layer of beeswax was applied to deepen the color, enhance the shine, and provide protection. Each hand-troweled panel seems to have a character of it's own, while the design of the panels themselves give a visual push and pull.  

Early in the project, I was working up high one afternoon and got an unexpected visual surprise. The glossy marble surface was reflecting the passing weather from the sky. Soon, those clouds faded, the sky cleared and hard shadows from the building's fenestration appeared. I kept working in awe of the surface, ever so inspired by the shifting light.

Walls are often thought of as fixed, static entities. Simply walking by one of these panels invites the person in to interact. The highs and lows of the marbled surface creates a luminous, reflective skin...bouncing back the mood and weather of the passing moment.

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