Capture a moment in time by having your family's hands casted! Marking a moment can mean enhancing a space by plastering walls in earthy materials, or using plaster to cast an embrace. Through hosting events at  Earth House Studio or traveling to you, families, co-workers, or community members can all gather around the moldmaking table and immerse yourself in curiosity and creativity! Inquire today regarding our casting services and events.

 The Story

 Once, our hands were tools. Grabbing twigs...twisting, turning tight. Imprints on clay cave walls were how we left messages. Today, our thumbs are evolving into nicely knobbed cell phone instruments.

Most of my passion for hands stems from a career change. Once I bought my house in 2001 and started plastering my own walls. Picking up a trowel and seeing the visual impact my hands were making on a surface ignited my creative spirit. Suddenly, the screen and keyboard became obsolete as with my passion for computer engineering. Sitting behind a desk, touching small smooth objects made me crave real grit and texture. Over time, I made the leap into working with my hands full time in interior design and plaster art. Thus, spawning the "Hand-Held" story.

In 2014, my residency at Vala Eastside launched my passion for creating community and cultivating curiosity about moldmaking and casting. Since then, I have done a variety of community casting projects, including demos at the Seattle Maker Faire and the annual Pratt Fine Art Center Open House. I recently took my casting studio on the road to Pullman, IL. Read more about it here. Out of all the facets of being an artist, watching communities unearth their creativity and celebrate their hands is what I love best.

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